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GitHub: Move Pointer to different Commit

While learning HTML and CSS, I created a repository to track the progress of the respective tutorial.I organzied the repository in a way that people can access the different phases of the tutorial (and also my own solutions) simply by changing the branch. At some...

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Startup Metrics – Andreas Klinger (Notes)

build, measure, learn 🔁design product for product/market fit (demand now not in X years)much knowledge about metrics based on online marketing (A/B testing, funnels, referral, optimization, …)but online marketing is not innovation, it's optimizationwe need product...

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HTML/CSS Fundamentals (Notes)

VSCode Extensions PrettierlLve Serverdevelop locally in browserrefreshes current page automatically while developing locally Web Development Categories frontendHTMLstructure and building blogs of web pageCSSvisual effectsJavaScriptfunctionalitybackendHTML & CSS...

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Stalking and Interpreting: Pieter Levels

MVP Approach idea to solve own problemsbuild MVP to test whether other people have the same problem and whether your solution helps them and whether they are ready to pay for the solutionif MVP get's traction/positive feedback: actually build it and/or refine it...

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DRY, KISS, YAGNI – Programming Principles

Recently I've read about Pieter Level's impressive way to build minimum viable products (MVP's).In the respective article he also descibes his coding style. DRY, KISS and no Frameworks? Pieter explains why he avoids using frameworks and that he uses a "very basic"...

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