I can’t help declaring that Python is superior to JavaScript🤷‍♀️
Just solved all exercises without learning any JS before😎

Learn Python first

Sorry to all the lovely JS dev’s out there☹
Maybe you should consider learning Python instead💁‍♀️
May turn out that you just learn JavaScript on the go🙃

Just joking✌
I am sure that it would be the same the other way around.
Any JS dev’s who can confirm that they picked up Python easily after knowing JavaScript?🤗

Focus on one Language in the Beginning!

It’s great to see come true what several gurus told me in the past:
„On one language you should focus in the beginning. Next one easier will be then☝“

Awesome that Python and JavaScript have so many keywords in common🤗

And by the way…
Of course I cheated a little bit😉

I am excited to learn JavaScript finally and gradually get into web development🤗

Build Dream Projects🙌

I’ve dreamed of building web apps myself, realize my ideas and help others.🤗
Though I’ve not yet achieved that goal.🎯
But it’s only a matter of time and persistence⏲

To all the people out there:
If you really want to accomplish something:
Keep it up!
Stay persistent!
I know it’s hard!
But you can do it!

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