In his video Why I’m a Millionaire Techlead discusses the book Atomic Habits.

Becoming a millionaire is a marathon! Keep that in mind! Don’t try to sprint the marathon!
Hence value long lasting habits over one-time and short term action!
Long lasting change comes from habits – not actions.
Millionaires don’t come from savings from employee jobs.

Techleads Habits

Execution (instead of overthinking ideas)

The winner is not the first one, but the one who’s able to execute the best.
Don’t confuse motion (consumption = false sense of productivity) with action (application = execution)

Go 10x: Learn to scale yourself

Be very careful about selling your own time!
You would need a salary of 52/h in a full-time job to reach 100k/year (before tax! And that’s not even going to make you rich).
That may only make sense if you are building a scalable skill on that journey.

Act like a Millionaire

You need to clear up 3-4h/day(!) to work on your business.
Plan time for work on your business in your day and really do work on it!
If you don’t plan the time, then you’ll saturate your daily schedule in a way that no time for a business fits in there.

Success is a hobby and it requires time!
You need to clear out time for it!
Be prepared, ready and serious!
Treat your business as a hobby for which you habitually clear out time!
You can be sure to attain some level of succes if you put in that commitment.

Question the Rules

Good entrepreneurs question the way things are and question authority and eventually bend a few rules here and there.
Successful innovators disrupt things.
They tend to change the way things work.

Social Status & Respect will hold you back

Failure is certain: Expect lot’s of public failure before you succeed!
You’ll face a lot of failure while you try to build a business.
Probably (at least) your first 3 ventures fail!


Money is toilet paper!
Time is your most valuable ressource!
Goal should be: Attain money without loosing too much of you time.
Do what inspires you!
In the end life is mostly about fulfillment.