I just skimmed the book Atomic Habits by James Clear.

I really like books with chapter summaries.👌
Without even having read the book it appears to be structured like a piece of art.🎨🥰
It’s always relieving to skim and read such well-structured books with clear, meaningful and descriptive headings.🤗

Valley of Disappointment

I immediatly resonated with this graphic🙌
When did you experience a „valley of disappointment“?

Habbits and Addictions

In the beginning it seemed more like a book about addiction.

Actually I quit smoking some years ago with similar techniques – but without knowing the book👌
For me that’s a great approval for the these techniques🤗

Takeaways from „Atomic Habits“

To build better habits: Join a culture where the desired behavior is the normal behavior.

Which culture did you join?

Courage to be correct

Often „we’d rather be wrong with the crowd than be right with ourselves“

That one reminded me of Brené Brown’s great book „Braving the Wilderness“🙌
Do you know it?

Practice instead of Planning

„The most effective form of learning is practice, not planning“

Perform often!

The number of times we perform a task is more important then the time we perform it🔄

Which valuable task do you perform the most?

Reduce Friction

„Reduce the friction associated with good bahavior.“

➡Build a „habit-serving“ environment to stay focused😣

Two-Minute Rule

Two-Minute Rule:
“When you start a new habit, it should take less than two minutes to do.”

➡The easier to start the task, the more likely we will do it.
You can optimize and extend it later.

Supportive Technology

„Using technology to automate your habits is the most reliable and effective way to guarantee the right behavior.“

➡Do you agree with that?🤔
➡Do you use technology to automate your habits?🤖

Immediate Feeling of Success

„To get a habit to stick you need to feel immediately successful – even if it’s in a small way.“

➡Is that easier in the tech field compared to other fields?

Keep it up!

„Don’t break the chain. Try to keep your habit streak alive.“

➡Where do you have the longest streak?

Accountablility Partner

Get an accountability partner to ensure progress.

➡Who is your accountability partner?

Natural Abilities enhance Habits

„Habits are easier when they align with your natural abilities. Choose the habits that best suit you.“

➡Which habits suit you best?

Keep it up! Really!

„Anyone can work hard when they feel motivated. It’s the ability to keep going when work isn’t exciting that makes the difference.“

➡Keep it up! Especially if you miss once!

Review Progress

„Reflection and review is a process that allows you to remain conscious of your performance over time.“

➡How do you review your progress?