I perceived Gary Vee’s book Crushing it! as a very honest and simple manual to social media growth in the first place.
On the other hand I perceived it as very motivating and completely overwhelming (hence demotivating and paralyzing) at the same time- because of the honest depiction: It’s exceptionally tedious!

Intro: Chapters 1-7

I perceived the first few chapters mainly as intro and overview over success stories (testimonials) from people, who succeded after reading Gary Vee’s first book Crush it!.
They may provide some inspiration for marketing and business strategies.

I think one important basis is:
You should operate in an area you are passionate about – to make sure you can keep it up in the long run.

Takeaways‼💡: Chapter 8

Reach out to people with whom you could collaborate.
Reach out to people with huge amounts of followers.

Provide them value.
Provide them the thing that you are good at for free.

Do it several hours a day – every day.
Most won’t answer.
Hence, it’s tedious.
Tedious is good, because it means that only few people will do it in the long run!🔁💪

Practical Advice: Chapters 12 + 13

These chapters include practical advice and several step by step guides.
Additionally Gary gives some presumptions about the future of marketing and potential „channels“.
Roughly summarized, Gary believes that (due to the increasing speed of our lives) audio will come first in the future: For consumption of news, information as well as for the control of devices.

Further Takeaways

Establish pillar content and distribute it to all your social media platforms as micro content: repurpose „the best moments“.
Listen to the feedback from the audience: What did they like?
Use this to create further micro content of the most resonating moments.
The goal is to drive viewership back to the pillar content.