I’ve read 2 controversial books.📖
Braving the Wilderness by Brené Brown & How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Do they teach contradicting beliefs?🤔

Essence of Dale Carnegie’s Teachings

Put other people first in conversations.
Listen to other people.
Do everything to please your collocuter.
Find out what counterpart likes.
Your counterpart enjoys certain topics – talk about these topics.

Dale Carnegie – Essence

Please, serve and please other people.
That’s how you convince them to serve you subliminally.
That’s how you become happy in life – by making others happy.

Essence of Brené Browns teachings

Be courageous!
Be who you are by expressing your most authentic self – especially if you fear it.
Have the courage to be yourself.
Don’t pretend just to please others.
You find real friends by really being yourself.

Brené Brown – Essence

Have the courage to be your most authentic self.
That’s how you become happy in life.

Contradicting Beliefs?

Is Brené Brown self-centered while Dale Carnegie’s strategy is selfless?
Is Dale Carnegie a soulless salesman while Brené Brown’s approach is honest?


I love both books!❤
I learned a lot from both books!🤓
I strongly believe in both approaches!

I don’t know what Dale Carnegie would think of Brené Brown’s approach.
But I wonder if Brené Brown read How to Win Friends and Influence People?
And what does she think about Dale Carnegie’s way?🤗