If I replace (for example) an image in the static files of my Django project, which I already displayed on certain pages: Is there a simple and reliable way to find these places in the code where I need to replace the path to the old image with the new one?

Find strings in code – explanation for VSCode and git

There are several approaches to find the respective part in your code/files.


In VSCode one has three different options to find parts in the code for replacement.

Search Icon (VSCode): find parts in your code for replacement

  1. use search icon in upper left corner of VSCode
Search Icon in the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of VSCode – to find text or code in the code base
  1. type search term into search field -> all files containing the term will be listed below
To find the respective part in the code base, search for the text using the search input field.

Command Palette (VSCode): find parts in your code for replacement

  • use Command Palette (F1) and find the respective command (find in files)
In VSCode: F1 opens the command palette, where one can search for the respective command

Keyboard Shortcut (VSCode): find parts in your code for replacement

  • keyboard shortcut for find in files command: CTRL + Shift + F

Git – command line

  1. git grep <search-term>
The git grep command finds the specified text, if it is in your codebase.