UI is in the browser – What does it mean?

  • until 2010 Javascript only for decoration
  • all logic, state, rendering etc. from server (e.g. Python)

What’s next?

  • back to server-first architectures
  • JS everywhere
  • everyone prepares for JS everywhere

innovation in Python

  • Python needs a compiler for the web!
  • HTMX for Python

app web vs. doc web

  • some people believe: difference between app web (UX focused) and doc web
  • UX gained and still gains more importance

React + Typescript (componend-driven development)

  • aimed for developers
  • entire generation believes that React is the one way to develop web apps

alternatives to JS

  • HTMX and Hyperscript
  • REST web model
  • Django-HTMX
    • integrates HTMX in Django templates
    • don’t need to rerender the entire screen
  • developers are going back to HTML
  • HTMX+Alpine

conclusion – takeaways

  • web matters
  • mozilla matters
  • open web matters

Therefore we should be careful about what is the web:

  • anything that makes a better UX?🤔