I’m stupid

  1. Treat interviews as practice sessions
    1. Have fun!
    2. (I wanna be stupid – want to work with libraries instead of comming up with solutions which others already had before)
  2. Ask stupid questions! Swallow the ego! Don’t try to impress people by not asking questions! No one cares and no one remembers stupidity, but they’ll remember that you asked
    1. It saves lot’s of time and resources (for a company)
    2. Encourage others to ask you questions!
  3. 30 minutes rule
    1. Don’t waste more than 30 minutes (may be adjusted) on an issues without asking questions
  4. use Docstrings to document code
  5. use typehinits to reduce the docstrings needed
  6. use markdown (easy and portable)
  7. when following a tutorial or a talk: write down everything
    1. inhences your learning – many people learn better by taking notes
  8. documentation makes you look good
    1. gives you an advantage compared to people who didn’t take notes
    2. you may help others by publishing your notes
    3. notes may be used in other projects later
    4. notes may be a great basis to write books
    5. docs can look great (look at docs.python-requests.org & fastapi.tiangolo.com)
      1. not a guarantee for a successful project – but makes it more likely to be successful

I’m Lazy

  1. don’t repeat yourself
  2. use typehints
  3. put functions on GitHub
  • you don’t want to debug code which worked before
    • manual tests are boring and error-prone
    • write tests!
      • document how to use the tests (in the README)

README essentials

  • installation
  • running the code
  • testing the code

You may use readthedocs or GitHub pages.

favorite Managers

Sharon Campbell


  • If you wanna become good at something: practice!!

Use Tools, which you use at work to build your own projects.
Explore the tools deeply.
Try new things.
Always be typing!

Pair programming

  • Do it!
    One types, the other watches and maybe comments
  • Always be the person typing! Even if you don’t understand what you are typing!

If you are taking a class: Always be typing!

  • Do expercises
  • Don’t just be a spectator! Do it yourself!
  • „You can’t become a tech CEO by watching the social network“
  1. First apply (the basics)
  2. Then learn

Master coding!

  • practice!
  • repetition
  • build muscle memory in your fingers!
  • take an active role in pair programming!

Own thoughts and statements from conversations after talk

Daniel Roy Greenfield:

  • emojis are important in non-verbal communication
  • If you work in a company which doesn’t accept/encourage asking questions: switch to another company!

own thoughts

  • may make sense to find out how bosses want you to behave!