I admired Pieter Levels‘ 12 Startups in 12 months challenge for quite some time.
Now I (finally🙌) started to listen to Eric Ries‘ The Lean Startup Book.
Pieter obviously mastered the LEAN startup management and execution.👌

I’d really like to do something like Pieter’s 12 Startups in 12 months.
But currently I am especially learning the basics of programming.
Hence I think that I still need some time to be able to build my own startups programmatically.
But listening to The Lean Startup book, inspired me that I could instead try to build MVP’s and receive user feedback based on them.

Learn to build MVP’s

Therefore I am thinking to build several MVP’s, like videos, Figma or other wireframes, maybe even spreadsheets, …

The process of building these MVP’s should:

  • be a hands-on preliminiary exercise to practice the BUILD, MEASURE, LEARN cycle from The Lean Startup Book
  • eventually build an audience/ followership
  • eventually lead to making CoderMatching a Lean Startup or at least learning the first steps to it
  • train the knowledge, processes, systems, tools and thoughts which are needed to build any lean starup hands-on

Meanwhile I’d be able to learn actual programming in parallel and maybe the whole process even inspires and helps me to know which other technologies or skills I might want to learn (to make certain ideas come true).

Learn to apply the Lean Startup principles

Hence it’s actually more about practicing and applying the BUILD, MEASURE, LEARN cycle, then just building MVP’s:

  1. get a basic idea for a product
  2. create assumptions for user intentions/benefits
  3. build MVP
  4. measure assumptions, based on MVP and user feedback
  5. learn from measurements
  6. adjust product (or strategy(?)) and start over

So far I’ve got one basic wireframe which could serve as MVP.
Any other ideas for:

  • good assumptions to test
  • good ideas/techniques for MVP’s
  • anything else related to practicing a BUILD, MEASURE, LEARN cycle

You may contribute to the discussion about ideas for MVP’s here.

Resources for MVP’s