Motivation and Inspiration – My Why

  • suggestion by Linda (friend from freeCodeCamp Berlin)
  • I’ve actually done it before anyway – now I have an additional motivation
  • connect to the community
  • set measurable goals
  • to commit (not only myself 😉) aka. make myself accountable
  • to vanquish resistance of building my own projects from scratch
  • test twitter (actually thought twitter is dead)

Goals – My What

  • start my own coding project – CoderMatching
  • publish my own coding project to be used publically (and help others to connect)
  • present my project (at PyCon Berlin 2022)

My Personal Rules – My How

  • #1 time coding every day: >= 1 hour
  • #2 keep yourself accountable: tweet progress daily #100DaysOfCode
    • share todays progress and thoughts (+ perhaps link to code)
  • #3 connect with the community (not necessarily on twitter): reach out to at least 2 people who are also doing the challenge
  • #4 keep a weekly log of your progress: summerize progress weekly on own blog